Shattered Glass

Anonymous said: Are you still taking prompts? Because what would be about halbarry: the reaction of Hal after Barry died. You can decide whether they were together or Hal could never tell him that he loved him.


But no one ever tells you (That forever feels like home)

TW: depression, mild self-harm, suicidal thoughts, mental health issues

The Flash was dead. 


Hal still couldn’t wrap his mind around that. His best friend had died while Hal had been on some mission in space. He couldn’t even remember what it had been about. And now he had nothing left but a piece of Barry’s suit. 

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(New 52 Secret Origins #3 - Green Lantern)

(New 52 Secret Origins #3 - Green Lantern)

Flash Greenade fic | “Isolation”


Starring:  Barry Allen, Iris West, Diana Prince, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Hal Jordan

Summary:  Hal is called away to an intergalactic skrimish, as are all of the Lanterns, leaving Barry alone in his isolation.  Barry doesn’t cope well, and turns to the support of his closest friends and collegues, though his memories only torment him the longer the time passes without a word from Hal.

Rating:  M for some sex stuff

Note:  I put some music selections in here because I felt like it.  Generally the music that is linked is what I was listening to when I wrote that section.  This is actually based on the feels that I was having from the new Beck album Morning Phase

Please enjoy, and as always, let me know what you think!

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30 Day OTP Challenge! 01 Holding hands

ttrriiangle 防範負能量補上2nd藥包(?)

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Anonymous said: OK so, after the events in FlashPoint (you know Hal dying and all), when Barry comes back to the 'normal' reality, he's still freaking out and goes over to Hal's because he NEEDS to make sure he's still alive and all. So much kudos if you make it emotional and NSFW ;)


Interesting prompt choice! Not gonna lie, I love it. Gives a nice mix of angst and nsfw~ So without further ado, NSFW below the cut!


He’d done it. Everything was back to normal.

He hoped.

There was only one last thing to try. 

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