Shattered Glass

This is a very condescending rude post, so don’t read if you are easily offended or an attention seeking shithead. thanks.



Here. Its time I said something about this. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say, but I’m gonna say it anyway. Why do humans have to be so dramatic all the time. Sure, I know every single day, new issues, and problems appear, and yes I understand that too many of these little problems make us want to tear our hair out. But why do we make a huge deal out of every single little problem we encounter. Act all upset, spread it around so everyone knows. Try and direct every ounce of peoples attention towards us, and it works. People are interested until they’ve heard all the scandal, and then someone will come up with some more. Its a vicious circle of attention and sympathy seeking. Listen. Some people have fucking real problems. You may have had a fight with your parents last night, and think everyone should hear about it. Some people don’t have parents. You didn’t get to sit beside your friend in class. Some people can’t go to school. Her clothes are nicer than yours. Some people wear the same clothes every single day, because its all they own. You may think being dramatic and having problems makes you interesting, or impressive. I know many people do. But whats really impressive is a person who can take problems in her stride and deal with them quickly and quietly, without crying to her friends about them first. Save your tears and sympathy seeking for when you have a real problem. How do you know a real problem when you see one? well, if it wont matter to you, or anyone, this time next month, it doesn’t really matter that much. I’m not saying never talk about any problems, ever, because, I know, talking about scandal is fun. I guess what I’m trying to say is, having petty little problems doesn’t make you interesting, and going on about them and trying to make others feel bad for you and admire you because of them, is pathetic. Stop going on about that time you thought you were fat and didn’t eat for 3 days. that time on a bad day you slit your wrist. That time you said the wrong thing to the wrong person. That time you fought with your mam. The time you didn’t look pretty. The time a boy didn’t like you.

Some people don’t have parents to fight with. Some people’s loved ones are dying of cancer, or are already dead. Some people cant look at themselves in the mirror without hating themselves. Some people can’t get an education. Some people can’t afford food or shelter. Some people cant speak, can’t walk, can’t hear or can’t see. Some people are social outcasts because of their race, sexuality, or religion. Some people have are disabled, and can barely take care of themselves. Some people have terminal illnesses, and will never grow old. Some people live in fear of terrorist attacks. Some peoples hometowns are ravaged with war. Some people’s brothers went off to fight in the army, and never came home. Some people, have real problems.

The ironic thing to me is, that the ones who deserve the most sympathy, don’t ask for it. They strongly face their problems, and slowly but surely get on with their lives. They defy their problems and don’t let anything hold them down. And this, if the most impressive thing a human being can do.

I don’t think i’ve made much sense, but try to understand. Just next time a girl fancies your boyfriend, or your mam wont let you go out, remember, some people have real problems.

and the lord said unto the douchebag on the internet, “just because thy hath had thy leg amputated with a rusty hacksaw, doth not mean i cannot cry out in pain when i stub my toe.”*

and then the other internet douchebag added, “yes, why don’t you deal with your own goddamn problems instead of policing the coping mechanisms of complete strangers like a tool. and, additionally, this is trite bullshit that will accomplish nothing but making people feel even worse than they do about things. a+ contribution to humanity”

*asspullus, 01.12.34

You argued with your parents. Some people don’t have parents.

You stubbed your toe. Some people don’t have legs.


Does the argument hurt any less? Maybe, but it still hurts. Just because someone has a bigger problem doesn’t automatically solve yours! You have every right to rant, vent, seek attention and comfort when something hurts, no matter how trivial it may seem to someone else.

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